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Owner of Bubba Bambu

Bubba Bambu was born after months of research into suitable fabrics for my baby son's sensitive skin. My son has naturally very dry skin and prescribed lotions and potions did nothing to bring a relief. The fabrics of kids’ clothes available then were making things worse. Only after learning about bamboo and its’ almost miraculous benefits for a dry skin, we started noticing an improvement.

Bamboo fabrics were already well known in US and Australia, but they only started entering the markets here in UK. Therefore it was still a small selection of designs and garments available. I struggled to find suitable clothing and accessories for my son – and I thought I couldn’t be the only one having similar problems. That inspired me to set up my own company – it is when Bubba Bambu was born.

Working with Ethical Companies

We collaborate only with ethical companies who have a clear and open work ethos and manufacture their fabrics with respect to our planet and its’ natural resources. We make sure the child labour is never involved and the fair pay is in order.

How can Bamboo help your Baby’s Skin?

Bamboo is naturally breathable fabric and it draws moisture away from the skin, which means babies no longer sweat when they get too warm and the material doesn’t rub or irritate the sensitive skin. Did you know that bamboo is also 100% anti-bacterial? The natural element found in the plant called bamboo kun, is known for fighting all common bacteria affecting our skin. The fabric is also fully breathable and recommended if you or your baby suffer from easily irritable skin or eczema.

Make Bath Time a Rawrring Fun!

Bath time might not be your kids’ favourite moment, but there are ways to make it more rewarding. How about a chance to wear a Monster Cuddleroar Towel afterwards? Now, that is a different story. This green soft and cuddly dinosaur – dragon is perfect to wrap around your little monsters – the fact it has ears and spikes along the back only adds to its’ roaring appeal. Buy this Green Bamboo Cuddleroar Towel online now!

FREE Delivery within UK

Bubba Bambu offers FREE delivery on all UK orders. It means we will deliver your items free of charge anywhere within mainland UK. We also ship worldwide and have a flat rate shipping of only £10.00. It means that no matter how big or how small your order is, you only pay £10!

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Donna Lovelock