Bamboo Bib - BLUE EYED BOY. Single Sided

Bubba Bambu



This fab single sided dribble bib is made from quality cotton fabric, and backed with a highly absorbent, and soft organic bamboo cotton towelling.

We have used two silver nickel-free press fasteners on our bibs as we all know how frustrating velcro is when your child is constantly pulling the bib off, or worse when they stick to everything in your washing load!!

You can say goodbye to dribble- soaked clothing on your baby/toddler with our trendy and colourful bibs.
Not only is this bib easy wearing and practical, but gorgeous to look at too!

A few reminders why bamboo is perfect for bibs:

Moisture wicking… By wicking away moisture from skin, the wet skin doesn’t have time to build up any bacterial colonies and also keeps from developing the rashes that wet skin can develop when irritated.

Anti-bacterial… Bamboo is aggressively anti-bacterial. It has a natural property called bamboo kun that kills up to 70% of any bacteria attempting to incubate on the bamboo, be it in its natural form or fabric.

They have researched all materials and tried and tested them on hundreds of children ranging from newborn babies to 4 years old.

A unique dribble bib manufacturer, priding themselves on using the highest quality materials, and the use of Bamboo Cotton Towelling.  Our dribble bibs are handmade from 100% cotton material on the front, and the most fabulous organic Cotton Bamboo Towelling on the reverse.

Please take a peek at the benefits of this bamboo towelling, then you will realise how important it is for your little one to be wearing Organic Bamboo Cotton.

SIZING – We have two sizes of bib  0-1year (also known as Newbie Cherub) and 1-4years

Our Bibs are:

  • Made from 100% cotton guaranteed to eradicate soreness and chaffing that normal bibs create
  • Ecofriendly, gentle on sensitive/delicate skin, highly absorbent
  • The most comfortable dribble bib that babies are unable to remove themselves due to the strong nickel free fasteners
  • Handmade to ensure the highest of standards
  • Huge Range of amazing fabrics making them not only practical but also ever so fashionable


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